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wimWK - Consultancy stands for support with an eye for good practice.

WK stands for Wim Klompenhouwer, but also for real quality. Support of quality -and sustainability systems in agribusiness with an eye for good practice.

Developments in quality assurance
More and more companies in the primary production and the supply chain require full transparency. From this demand, the concept of "quality" has become a broad term. The term "quality" for years has been continuously evolving and will continue. It includes not only product quality but also a way of doing business. The government imposes requirements on the way business is conducted, but also the  informed consumer. From the idea that it may produce is no longer obvious, quality will only become more important. WK - Consultancy  offers support so that you can stay focused on what you are good at manufacturing and / or marketing of quality products.

Convenience for you, the customer
To be able to sell your products, a good implementation of quality assurance within your business becomes increasingly important. You will see the importance of it, but may dread the administrative obligations that go with it and the demands that continue to grow. A well-implemented quality management system can also save you money. Eg. through proper streamlining of processes or prior to implementation issues once critically by taking together. Together we can lift your business to a higher level, aiming to reach a higher return. If we achieve this, together we have delivered true quality.

Added value
Together we create a support package tailored to your needs and requirements. This can be a one-off visit but also a complete package of designing, certifying and maintenance. It is important that you work with it and where possible provide added value.